Printer Repair Training for Education & Government

A common, nearly hidden source of revenue drain for educational institutions and government departments is their regular basic laser printer repair and maintenance costs.

Printer Coach Training for Education and Government

In most cases, budgets are tighter in the public sector than they are in the private sector; this is particularly true in educational institutions. According to Promethean State of Technology in Education Report, which, for the third year running, found that an average of 54 per cent of school leaders think budgets will make it difficult for their school to realize its strategic objective.

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Because many common business activities involve high document production, it is necessary to maintain and repair printer equipment on a regular basis. For most organizations, this means calling a printer repair technician and scheduling an onsite visit to diagnose and repair a failing printer. In some cases, the diagnosis and repair requires two separate visits to the site—one to diagnose and the other to install parts. However, if you are an educational institution or manage a government department, you may not be able to wait the extended period of time needed for external repair service. You require fast service, and need to get up and running quickly due to your massive document production requirements. There is a better, less costly approach for you.

Every printer technician should be required to attend. This will help reduce printer repair costs & help staff implement repairs. The printer resources CD will be most helpful to all staff.

P.S. – Canadian ISD

Printer Coach Training for Education and Government 3

Printer Coach’s downloadable Basic Laser Printer Repair and Maintenance Training or our Onsite, Hands-on Training can assist you in solving your printer repair and maintenance issues without the time delays or added costs of hiring a printer repair technician.

For detailed information on Printer Coach’s downloadable, Basic Laser Repair and Maintenance Training, please click here.

To request detailed information on our Onsite, Hands-On, Printer Repair Training, please click here.

Very helpful. It helped me to know not to be afraid to do something… it won’t be too hard to repair most problems.

B.W. – Canadian ISD

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