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You can save 50% or more repairing and maintaining your office printers through Printer Coach’s onsite, hands-on printer repair training.

Printer Coach Onsite Training

A common, yet often overlooked source of revenue drain for many businesses are the costs associated with basic laser printer repair and maintenance.

The majority of our daily work activity revolves around some type of document production. This creates the necessity for regular repair and maintenance of the printer equipment. For most businesses, this means hiring a printer repair technician and the potential for multiple on-site visits to repair the printer. This scenario seems perfectly normal, and most businesses consider this to be a standard operating expense.

There is a better, less costly approach.

Printer Maintenance

The printer’s maintenance cycle refers to a manufacturer’s recommendation for replacing printer parts.

A printer duty cycle indicates the number of pages a printer is designed to produce in a given period of time, such as a month. For example, if a printer states it has a monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages, that means it can easily print 1,000 pages without issues, such as errors or jams. The number of pages you print each month will determine how often your printer will require maintenance.

Similar to changing the oil in your car, these maintenance intervals are designed to keep your printing equipment functioning properly and help reduce more costly repairs in the future. This is an important aspect of ensuring a printer is operating at peak performance. Performing printer maintenance on a regular basis will extend the life of the printer and prevent unnecessary interruptions in business productivity.

Nearly all printers have duty cycles, and printer manufacturers provide common parts, usually in kits, for maintenance. These maintenance kits comprise all the required parts for you to perform do-it-yourself maintenance on your printer.

Most printers that have maintenance kits, have maintenance cycles built into them. After the printer has printed a designated number of pages, the built-in maintenance cycle lets the user know that it is time to install a new maintenance kit. This is usually illustrated with a displayed message stating, “Perform Printer Maintenance” on an HP printer or “80 Scheduled Maintenance” on a Lexmark printer.

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When you see this message, there is no need to be alarmed. It just means that the manufacturer has determined that this is the optimum time to perform maintenance on your specific printer. Common printing problems such as paper jams, and image defects are frequently maintenance related items. By performing timely maintenance, you ensure optimal performance and the least amount of wear and tear possible on your printer.

Standard parts in most manufacturers’ printer maintenance kits include:

  • Transfer roller: The transfer roller places toner from the toner cartridge onto the paper using an electrical charge.
  • Fuser assembly: The fuser is the heating component that bonds the toner to the paper.
  • Pickup rollers: Pickup rollers are sometimes known as feed rollers. These rollers pick up the paper from the tray and feed the paper into the printing compartment of the printer.
  • Separation pads or rollers: Separation pads or rollers apply tension to the paper which ensures only a single piece of paper is pulled into the paper path at a time.

Printer Repair Training

In our experience, we have found that IT staff are often reluctant to tackle printer repair issues on their own and prefer requesting a printer repair technician to solve any printer issues they encounter. This could be a result of them being overworked, lack of familiarity with printer equipment, or corporate policy.

Whatever the reason, we can show you how to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on printer repair and maintenance with our Basic Laser Printer Repair and Maintenance Training video or our direct Onsite, Hands-on Printer Repair and Maintenance Training.

We have trained IT personnel, admin staff, mailroom staff, as well as other non-IT personnel to perform simple printer repair and maintenance with great success.

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In nearly every organization, there are those individuals who would readily accept responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the organization’s printers. These individuals do not necessarily need to be part of the IT staff, and the work requires very little time per printer.

Well thought out and put together very neatly. It caters to people at all different levels by starting with the very basics and straight through the entire repair process. Rated 10 across the board.

A.B. – Nebraska

I have found Printer Coach to be a tremendous wealth of knowledge and information. I would recommend a business relationship to anyone who owns an office printer. I have generated revenue to pay for the course fee many times over in a very short period of time! Thanks Printer Coach !

S.B.S. – Tennessee

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Consider this . . .

To illustrate our cost savings point, let’s use the HP LaserJet 4350 printer. It is a little older model printer, but there are still a large number of them in service today.

The maintenance interval on the 4350-model printer is 225,000 pages. This means that the manufacturer says it is time to replace certain parts when the printer has reached a page count of 225,000 pages. To clarify this, we’ve created a table to represent this concept.

Monthly Pages Printed Time to Required Maintenance
18,750 12 months
  9,375 24 months
  6,250 36 months

The current average retail price of a maintenance kit for a single 4350 printer is approximately $200 and is over $250 at HP.com. Newer model printers usually have higher maintenance kit pricing than this example. Printer repair technician labor costs are in addition to the cost of maintenance parts.

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You Can Take Control

By empowering a few key employees to learn basic laser printer repair and maintenance internally, you could save a substantial amount on outside technician labor costs. Additionally, we can assist you with obtaining high-quality repair and maintenance parts at significant savings. By adding the other common, simple, and basic printer problems that are covered in our training the savings multiply.

Some expensive service contracts do not include the routine maintenance described here and others charge you based on the page count of each printer under contract. How much money would your business save if you only required a printer repair technician when more serious, complex problems developed?

Onsite, Hands-On Printer Repair Training

To accelerate your learning curve, our Onsite Hands-On Laser Printer Repair and Maintenance Training may be the best choice for your business.

Our direct, onsite, hands-on training will improve competency and empower your designated employee(s) to begin performing basic and intermediate laser printer repair and maintenance functions more quickly and efficiently. This training covers basic troubleshooting tips as well as hands-on training at your location and on your exact printer models.

We will show your selected employee(s) the simple steps to solve printer problems. This can save your company hundreds or thousands of dollars on outsourced printer repair and maintenance costs.

Your designated employee(s) do not need to be part of your IT staff to be successful.

We will also show you how to order the necessary maintenance kits and parts at a significant discount from retail prices.

Onsite, hands-On training is best suited for a maximum of four to six participants. This will provide for individual participation by each employee and complete the training on a single model in a single day. A specific training plan will be developed to meet your business’ goals and needs.

We look forward to helping you with all your printer repair and maintenance training needs.

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