Hands-On Printer Repair Training

If you could save 50% or more maintaining and repairing your office printers, how much would you save?

Enhanced Productivity For Business Through Hands-On Printer Repair Training One of the most common, nearly hidden, sources of revenue drain for many businesses is basic laser printer maintenance and repair. Virtually all of our daily work activities revolve around document production in one way or another. In order to keep your document production at a high level you need to maintain and repair your printing equipment on a routine basis. For most of us, this means calling the printer repair technician and generating an on-site visit to diagnose and repair the printer. In many cases, the diagnosis and repair requires two separate visits to the site - one to diagnose, the other to install the correct parts to solve the problem. This scenario seems perfectly normal, because without printed documents our business production is reduced. We tend to consider this an operating expense and seldom give it a second thought. There is a better, less costly approach.

Printer Maintenance

Printer maintenance is simply the page count cycle when the manufacturer recommends replacing a few parts that have reached the end of their life expectancy. Similar to changing the oil in your car, these maintenance intervals are designed to keep your printing equipment functioning properly and help reduce more costly repairs due to lack of maintenance. Nearly all printers have these maintenance cycles and the manufacturer's provide the common parts, usually in kits. Common printing problems, paper jams, or image defects are frequently maintenance related items.

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Printer Repair Training

In our experience, we have found that some IT staff are reluctant to tackle printer issues and they simply generate tickets to dispatch a printer repair technician to the site. This could be due to IT staff workload, lack of familiarity with the printing equipment, or any number of corporate policy reasons. Most likely, it is not a part of their job description, and IT training does not adequately prepare an individual for basic printer maintenance and repair. Whatever the reason, we can show you how to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on printer repair and maintenance with with our basic laser printer repair and maintenance training video, or the direct hands-on, on-site training of a few key individual employees. We have trained admin personnel, mail room staff and other non-IT personnel to perform simple printer maintenance and repair with great success. In nearly every organization there are a few people that are interested, and readily accept the responsibility for the basic printer repair and maintenance for the business. These people do not necessarily need to be part of the IT staff and the work requires very little time per printer.

Canadian Texas ISD On-Site Training

Every printer technician should be required to attend. This will help reduce printer repair costs & help staff implement repairs. The printer resources CD will be most helpful to all staff.  P.S. - Canadian ISD

Very helpful. It helped me to know not to be afraid to do something. . . it won't be too hard to repair most problems.  B.W. - Canadian ISD

Consider this . . .

In our example here we will use the HP LaserJet 4250/4350 series laser printer.1 In a small to medium sized business with only 50 printers, the following example shows how it breaks down for maintenance services only. The maintenance interval on this model printer is 225,000 pages. That means:

18,750 pages per month per printer for a one year maintenance cycle.

 9,375 pages per month per printer for a two year maintenance cycle.

 6,250 pages per month per printer for a three year maintenance cycle.

 The normal retail cost of the maintenance kit for each printer is roughly $299.99.

 The  maintenance kit cost to service each of these printers only once cost $14,999.50.

 Printer repair technician labor charges may be slightly more or less in your specific market but are probably at least  $100.00 for each visit to your site. One technician to your site to install a  maintenance kit in each printer, as they come due, will cost an additional $5,000.00.

 The total cost to perform routine maintenance on these 50 printers only once is a staggering $19,999.50.

You Can Take Control

By empowering a few key employees to provide the initial basic laser printer repair and maintenance internally you can save at least:

 At least $5,000.00 in printer repair technician labor charges in our example above.

 At least $6,750.00 in maintenance kit costs, in our example above, if you use our preferred sources to purchase the kits.

 That amounts to at least $11,750.00 in savings for a single maintenance per printer - a 59% savings on a single maintenance cycle, in this example of only 50 office printers.

 Add that to the other common, simple, and basic printer problems that are covered in our training and the savings multiply.

Nearly adding insult to injury, many expensive service contracts don't include the routine maintenance described here and others charge you based on the page count of each printer. How much would your business save if you only required a printer repair technician when more serious, complex problems developed?

Onsite Basic Laser Printer Repair and Maintenance Training

To accelerate the learning curve, our Hands-On, On-site Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training may be the best choice for your business. Direct, hands-on training will improve competency and empower your designated employee(s) to begin performing the basic and intermediate laser printer maintenance and repair functions more quickly and efficiently. This training covers basic troubleshooting tips as well as hands-on basic and intermediate maintenance and repair on your exact office printers. We will show your designated employee(s) the simple steps that can save your firm hundreds or thousands of dollars on outsourced printer maintenance and repair. We will also show you how to order the necessary maintenance kits and parts at up to 50% less than retail, possibly more. Your designated employee(s) do not necessarily need to be part of your IT staff to accomplish the basic and intermediate laser printer maintenance and repair functions for your business.

Hands-On, On-site Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training is only $2097.00 per day, plus our expenses to travel to and from your location. Hands-On training is best suited for a maximum of four to six participants, per day, to allow individual participation by each designated employee, and complete the Hands-On, On-site Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training in a single day. A specific training plan will be developed your business' goals and needs. If you have previously purchased the Basic Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training DVD package, within the last six months, you are entitled to an instant discount of $197.00. Multiple site, specialty curriculums, or multiple training day discounts may apply. Please complete the Hands-On Training information form to see if you qualify for any of these additional discounts.

Click here to complete our online Hands-On Training information form now, so that we can create your custom on-site training quote. We will reply with your custom quote for the hands-on, on-site Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair Training, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

CompTIA PDI+ On-Site Certification Training

If you have a group of 5 or more technicians that you would like to receive PDI+ training, we can train them on-site at your location. The on-site PDI+ certification training is a three day training course. We can even include an extra day for hands-on training on your exact printer models. Please contact us for details or complete the hands-on training information form.

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